2006, April Connections
Tentmaking in Today's Global Environment
Bulletin of the World Evangelical Alliance Missions Commission. Published three times yearly in both print and electronic formats. The bulletin presents the work of the Missions Commission, it’s Task Forces and Networks.
I conclude this editorial surrounded by creative, committed, global servants in the cause of the Kingdom of God in Christ. Why so? Well, because from March 6-11, 2006, some 370 women and men from 50 nations have quietly, boldly and prayerfully gathered at
3 Bill Taylor
From the Heart and Mind of the Editor
4 Managing Editor
MCA websites
5 K Rajendran
Reflections towards South Africa 2006
6 Derek Christensen
Tentmaking in today’s mission environment
10 Derek Christensen
Challenge and Response, A look at the state of the
global Tentmaking movement
13 TIE International Team
Glimpses of a movement
15 Bob Lopez
The Unfolding Story of the Filipino Tentmaking Movement
17 Stan Nussbaum
Proverbs - Sesotho language of South Africa and Lesotho
18 TIE
Some useful resources on Tentmaking
18 Jonathan Lewis and Koe Pahlka
Working Your Way to the Nations: A Guide to Effective
19 Mark Orr and Josias Conradie
Resource sharing in globalized mission
20 Bill Taylor
WEA Mission Commission: “MC Global Issues Summit”
22 Todd M. Johnson
Seven Signposts of Hope and Challenge in Global
26 Bertil Ekström
A response to Todd Johnson
28 David Lee
Another response to Todd Johnson, a Reflection on
Statistics from the Two-Thirds World
pages 29,30,33, 34 and 40
31 Jonathan Lewis
Towards South Africa 2006: An Agenda for the IMTN
35 Bertil Ekström
North and South Americans around the table
36 Tan Kang San
The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ in the Missional Heart
of God
Pages 41 and 42
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