The Islamic View of Major Christian Teachings
The Role of Jesus Christ, Sin and Forgiveness
Islam and Christianity
This book from a renowned scholar of Islamic studies deals with the Islamic view on Christian teachings of Jesus Christ, such as sin, faith, and forgiveness, in a very detailed fashion, and is particularly suitable for missionaries who are actively involved in the Islamic world.
1 What Is Islam?
2 What Do Muslims Believe? Some Basic Facts about Islam
3 The Koran and the Bible Compared
4 Allah – God of Love? The Image of God in the Koran
5 The Fall of Man and the Redemption of Mankind – What Does the Koran Teach?
6 The Meaning of Sin in the Koran and the Bible
7 Repentance and Forgiveness in Islam
8 The Meaning of Faith in Islam
9 Christian and Muslim Prayer: A Comparison
10 Abraham in the Koran
11 Jesus Christ in the Koran and in Muslim Theology
12 The Koran’s View of Jesus – Son of God or Prophet?
13 The Crucifixion of Jesus in View of Muslim Theology
14 The Koran on the Trinity
15 Life after Death: Eternal Assurance in Islam
16 Apostasy in Islam – Death Penalty in This Life, Hell Fire in the Hereafter
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Posted : 2012-04-16 07:58:13 GMT
Author/Authors : Christine Schirrmacher
Publishers : Verlag für Kultur und Wissenschaft
ISBN Number : 978-3-938116-62-3

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Publication Date : 2008