Why Evangelicals Need a Code of Ethics for Mission
Mission Ethics
When people today see on TV that some religious groups will use any means to further their cause, true Christians have to state what means they will never use; and if some Christians use inappropriate means, they should receive the disapproval of other Christians on the basis of a public code of ethics. The motto WWJD (“What would Jesus do?”), popular among some teenagers, has to guide us especially when we fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission.
1. Mission can be corrupted
2. The Bible teaches a demanding balance of witness and respect
3. The Bible teaches self-criticism in light of God’s forgiveness
4. Different cultures emphasize opposites sides of the truth
5. Good and bad examples can be identified
6. The rapid numerical growth of evangelicals can be peaceful
7. The Christian movement has grown spiritually, becoming more peaceful
8. Evangelicals would like all nations to separate religious persuasion from political force
9. We face challenging global changes
10. Evangelicals should contribute to the global moral discussion.
11.We should summarize our convictions in a short code
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Posted : 2012-04-16 02:19:22 GMT
Author/Authors : Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher, Dr. Thomas K. Johnson
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Publication Date : 2011