When You Cross Cultures
Vital Issues Facing Christian Missions
Cross-cultural Mission
This book brings with it the author’s wealth of experience both from having lived as a cross-cultural missionary as well as one who is to this day coaching and mentoring cross-cultural missionaries across Asia. The numerous personal stories and that of Jim’s friends and colleagues are a reflection of this. The unique contribution of this book is that it is written by an Asian, from an Asian perspective, with Asian experience, narrating stories and addressing issues of missions in the Asian world. Jim spells out the issues and dilemmas on the mission field and brings a biblical perspective to it. With real life case studies and practical suggestions, Jim brings us into the living room of the mission field. He takes away the mystery of going to the mission field and plants our feet firmly on the ground. Although Jim has written the book for missions and church leaders and prospective missionaries it is also relevant to all of us. Today, in many of the countries we live in, cross-cultural missions is at our doorstep.
Part One - Culture and Contextualisation
Part Two - Preparation for Cross-Cultural Mission
Part Three - Cross-Cultural Stress
Part Four - Tentmaking
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Posted : 2012-04-16 01:02:49 GMT
Author/Authors : Jim Chew
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Publication Date : 1990
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