Lessons in Humanity
From the Life and Work of Jan Amos Komenský
Though once called the “father of modern education,” Jan Amos Komenský receives little more attention than the occasional reference in a history of education text today. This is to be regretted, since Komenský has much humanizing fare to offer to the standards-driven educational scene today. Jan Habl’s important book reminds us of Komenský’s educational ideas and draws attention to the role of the transcendent in his thought. In these secular and often dehumanizing times, educators would do well to read this book.
1. Introduction: The Problem of Humanity and Educational Humanization
2. Sources of Humanity in Komenský’s Biography
3. Dimensions of Humanity in Komenský’s Work
4. Conclusion: The Relevance of Komenský’s Anthropology for Contemporary Education
5. Appendix 1: How Komenský Was Received in the Course of History
6. Appendix 2: Glimpses into the Father of Modern Education
7. Appendix 3: Chronological outline of the life and works of J. A. Komenský

Posted : 2012-05-26 20:20:10 GMT
Author/Authors : Jan Hábl
Publishers : Verlag für Theologie und Religionswissenschaft
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Publication Date : 2011