Servanthood: The Calling of Every Christian
Humanity has always been seduced by a desire to compete and succeed at the cost of others. A “great person” is the one with the most servants. Yet Jesus shows us a radically different way. In His Kingdom, “the greatest” is the one who serves the most. When Christ's followers understand and embrace a lifestyle of humble service, the impact in their lives, families, communities and nations is nothing short of revolutionary. Servanthood: The Calling of Every Christian has been used to train cross-cultural missionaries for over 20 years. These 13 newly revised Bible studies, designed for individual or small group study, will help you discover the freedom, joy and life that await those who follow in Christ's footsteps and embrace their calling as servants.
1. The Ambition of Man
2. Examples of Servanthood
3. The Servant-King
4. The Motivation for Service
5. The Context of Service
6. The Servant's Liberty
7. The Servant's Suffering
8. The Attitude of the Servant
9. The Conduct of the Servant
10. The Persons we Serve
11. The Work of the Servant
12. Where Do We Serve?
13. The Commitment of the Servant
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