Truth and Community Transformation
Foundational Principles for Distinctively Biblical Community Development
Biblical Community Development
Today, "community development" has largely become a secularized industry, one that views poverty as socially or structurally caused, and whose solutions are likewise mechanical and structural. For Christians, the danger of unintentionally operating within this false framework is very real. Developed by a team of seasoned community development practitioners, Truth and Community Transformation provides a practical resource for Christians to apply a rigorously biblical mindset to grass-roots development work. It concisely details a series of biblically-rooted principles covering such topics as agriculture, health, and child development. Written for workers of Christian compassion who deeply desire to function within a distinctively biblical framework.
1. Overview of the Project
2. About the Authors
3. Biblical Principles for Agricultural Development
4. Biblical Principles for Health Development
5. Biblical Principles for Child Development
6. Biblical Principles for Church Development
7. Biblical Principles for Leadership Development
8. Biblical Principles for Family Development
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