My Place in HIStory: Discovering Your Calling
God's Calling and Purpose
“My Place in HIStory: Discovering Your Calling” is a free, downloadable resource that contains a set of narratives and exercises designed to guide you through a thoughtful inventory of your calling, and help you discover the unique purpose for which the God of the universe has made you. God loves individuality and has made the universe with incredible diversity. As a human being, there is no one else like you. God has made you for a unique purpose for the advancement of His Kingdom. This workbook will help you discover and embrace your uniqueness, showing you how to use your individuality to advance His Kingdom.
The Assignment
How Can I Know God’s Will?
What’s in Your Tool Belt? – Identifying your Calling
a. Motivation
b. Life History
c. The Design: Natural Talents, Personality, Spiritual Gifts
d. Preparation: Enculturation, Training, Education
e. Interests
f. Stations
g. Connections
Integrative Exercise
Which Gate Are You Keeping?
Freedom from Prerogatives
Finding Work Only a Knight Can Do!
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