LifeWork: Developing a Biblical Theology of Vocation
"LifeWork: Developing a Biblical Theology of Vocation" is a free, downloadable resource that contains a narrative and series of vocation-related Bible studies and exercises that will help you understand a Biblical perspective of vocation and develop a "biblical theology" for your particular vocational area, leading to practical steps you can take to align your faith and work.
It has been said that the greatest single statement most people will make in their life for the cause of Christ—for good or for bad—is how they do their work. Discipling the nations will require followers of Christ to discover their God-given calling (their "LifeWork") and intentionally live out their vocational life within the framework of a distinctively Biblical worldview. Imagine the powerful impact the Church would have on the nations if all Christians saw themselves as missionaries sent by God to redeem and restore the sectors of society where they are deployed?

PART 1: LifeWork
Defining Your Lifework
Study Guide

PART 2: Application Exercises
General Instructions
Basics: Accounting, Administration, Agriculture, Art, Business, Communication, Development, Education, Engineering, Government, Health Care, Motherhood, Relief Work
Advanced: Introduction, Tool 1: Reading through the Scriptures, Tool 2: Conducing a Word Study

PART 3: Appendices
Why Words? Darrow L. Miller
In Praise of the Strenuous Life Theodore Roosevelt
A Quiz: Who Was William Carey? Vishal & Ruth Mangalwadi
God Speaking To Man through the Things He Has Created John S. Ferrell
Where the Action Is George Grant
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