The Kingdom Strikes Back: Ten Epochs of Redemptive History
Man has virtually erased his own story. Human beings as far back as we have any paleological record have been fighting each other so much that they have destroyed well over 90 percent of their own handiwork. Their libraries, their literature, their cities, their works of art are mostly gone. Even the little that remains from the distant past is riddled with evidences of a strange and pervasive evil that has grotesquely distorted man’s potential.
The First Half of the 4,000-Year Story
The Second Half of the Story
No Saints in the Middle?
Period I: Winning the Romans, A.D. 0–400
Period II: Winning the Barbarians, A.D. 400–800
Period III: Winning the Vikings, A.D. 800–1200
Period IV: Winning the Saracens? A.D.1200–1600
Period V: To the Ends of the Earth, A.D. 1600–2000
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Posted : 2012-07-11 19:33:44 GMT
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