The Two Structures of God’s Redemptive Mission
Mission Structures
It is the thesis of this article that whether Christianity takes on Western or Asian form, there will still be two basic kinds of structures that will make up the movement. Most of the emphasis will be placed on pointing out the existence of these two structures as they have continuously appeared across the centuries. This will serve to define, illustrate and compare their nature and importance. The writer will also endeavor to explain why he believes our efforts today in any part of the world will be most effective only if both of these two structures are fully and properly involved and supportive of each other.
Redemptive Structures in New Testament Times
The Early Development of Christian Structures within Roman Culture
The Medieval Synthesis of Modality and Sodality
The Protestant Recovery of the Sodality
The Contemporary Misunderstanding of the Mission Sodality
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Posted : 2012-07-12 19:52:57 GMT
Author/Authors : Ralph D. Winter
Publishers : U.S. Center for World Mission
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