Medical Killing - An Evangelical Perspective
Evangelicals are unconditionally opposed to active euthanasia. Indirect euthanasia is seen as simply belonging to the risks inherent in any medical intervention. Passive euthanasia is accepted if used if used in order to save the dignity of the saving and is seen as merely ceasing to interfere with an irreversible dying process. The basis of evangelical ethics is the Bible supplemented by science and experience as a kind of natural law. Even though natural law comes under Biblical revelation, its acceptance is the reason for the similarity of the Evangelical and the Roman-Catholicism position of Evangelicals. Evangelicals stress the necessity of a better counseling and investment for the deadly ill patient.
The Evangelical Position
General Principles of Evangelical Ethics
Biblical and Theological Grounds for the Evangelical Position on Euthanasia
Societal Considerations Underlying the Evangelical Position on Euthanasia
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