Good News to the Poor
The Social Action Commission of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada Background Paper on the Bible, Poverty and Government in Contemporary Canada
This background paper is a biblical primer on poverty, written to help contemporary Christians understand the importance of the Bible's message about poor neighbours. It sets out a biblically based framework for understanding and acting on poverty in today's society. Good News to the Poor examines: (1) who are the poor? (2) the nature of poverty, wealth and idolatry, (3) the relationship of poverty to grace, (4) the spiritual roots of present-day poverty, (5) the ways contemporary differentiated society can engage poverty, and (6) the state's distinct role in addressing poverty.
Who are the Poor?
Poverty, Wealth and Idolatry
Poverty and Grace
Spiritual Roots of Present-Day Poverty
Poverty and Differentiated Society
The State's Role in Fighting Poverty
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Posted : 2012-07-26 17:19:49 GMT
Author/Authors : EFC Social Action Commission
Publishers : The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
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Publication Date : Aug. 1999
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