Then the End Will Come
Great News about the Great Commission
Great Commission
This book tells the stories of the national Churches and national leaders who have shouldered the burden for the discipling of their nations and some of the incredible results the Lord of the harvest is bringing about as a result of their efforts. By working at “filling the earth with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord”1 with the incarnate Christ visible in local congregations within easy access of every person in every people group and nation in the world, these national Churches are implementing the strategy for the end of the age, the mission that will most directly lead to the completion of the Great Commission and usher in the return of the Lord.
Part I The Earth Shall be Filled
Chapter 1: The Time of the End
Chapter 2: His Glory Made Visible
Chapter 3: England: Modeling the Strategy
Chapter 4: Understanding DAWN
Part II DAWN Around the World
Chapter 5: Zimbabwe: The Challenge of Africa
Chapter 6: Latin America: Key to World Evangelization
Chapter 7: India: DAWN and the Unreached
Chapter 8: USA: “Last of the Giants”
Part III The End of the Age
Chapter 9: Western Missions in Crisis
Chapter 10: Then the End Will Come
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