When God Was Black
Not too long after our Lord's ascension, an Ethiopian believed on Jesus Christ and was baptized. And God became black. In the nineteenth century white missionaries went to parts of Africa knowing that their life expectancy was only a few months. They came and they died and many Africans put their trust in Jesus Christ. And again God was black. In a rough-hewn, crowded shack in America, a black slave, having nothing in this life but hopelessness and chronic, bone-weary fatigue, found his release in Jesus Christ. From being a miserable slave he became the child of a King. As the Scripture had promised, the lowly slave was filled with the Spirit of God. God took up His residence in the black slave. The black body became the temple for the Holy Spirit of God. God's exterior was black. So God was not only white. Or brown or yellow or red. God was black as well. In the segregated streets of the South, in the ghettos of Watts and Hough and Newark and Detroit, and in a few - a very, very few - wealthy and influential homes, wherever Jesus has found a home in the heart of our Negro citizens, God is black. What's it like when God is black? Are the prejudices swept away, the doors flung open, the awesome power of God just as effective? I think I can tell you. Because I am black and God lives within me, too. I'd like to tell you my story of what it's like when God is black.
1. When God Was Black
2. The Walls Come Tumblin' Down
3. Who Would Room With a Negro?
4. When Black Was Green
5. A Little Black Boy Goin' Nowhere
6. Growing Up Wasn't Easy
7. When God Was Sneaky
8. Up Off the Floor
9. Pre-Fab Walls
10. Africa the Beautiful
11. With Billy Graham in Chicago
12. Five Fantastic Years
13. Joseph in Egypt
14. How It Could Have Been
15. What Do Blacks Really Want?
16. Who, Me, Lord?
17. lt's a Brown World After All
18. The Devil Didn't Like It
19. Gideon's Army
20. But What Can I Do?
21. Once Around Jericho
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Posted : 2012-07-27 21:03:18 GMT
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