The World We Want
GCAP Annual Report 2011
Poverty and Human Rights
This report bears witness to the messages that ‘we, the people’ sent to political, corporate and civic leaders this year. It shows what political and practical actions people themselves are taking against poverty and inequality. In this first pilot report of the World We Want we spell out our plans, and tell of only a fraction of the actions people all over the world are taking. This report will now be released annually on October 17, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. It is but a reflection on what was done the previous year, how civil society has taken action. We hope that in the coming years there will be ‘World We Want’ reports written at local, national and global levels all over the world. Let the 17th of October become our annual celebration of moving towards, and achieving parts of the ‘World We Want’ – as well as an inspiration for us all when we read what our brothers and sisters locally and globally are working for, against, and achieving. Our common human courage and spirit can be greater than any economic or environmental crisis: We can live in peace in a healthy environment! We can transform a competitive into a cooperative culture, dominance into inclusion, and exploitation of each other and our planet into respect, balance and harmony.
Accountability and Human Rights
Gender Justice
Financing for Development
Climate Justice
Peace and Security
Beyond 2015
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