Hope for London
A Christian response to crime in the capital
Urban crime
Hope for London reports on dramatic transformation in ordinary, everyday communities in London and beyond. At the heart of these initiatives and many others are Christians committed to prayer and a practical expression of God’s love through their lives and work. Although London’s bad news makes the news, that’s not the whole picture. There are extraordinary stories of hope to be found too, in the capital and in cities around the UK. Hope for London is an introduction to what can happen when Christians pray for their neighbours and communities, and act on those prayers, to address the challenge of crime in their part of the city. Included are models from outside London which can be replicated in the capital.
London: What’s the problem?
London: What’s the answer?
Praying for change
Working with young people
Working in
the wider
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Posted : 2012-08-07 14:07:01 GMT
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