Religion in Conflict
Religions and Conflict
We live in a world of unimaginable horrors: nuclear weaponry, religious prejudice, and ideological hatred. With such horrors comes a sense of urgency and a moral imperative for us to raise the question, what is the purpose of religious language? Because religious statements are considered truthful by a people; they allow their lives to be shaped by them and project a world they would like to inhabit. At times societies employ religious language to gain moral sanction for the acts of violence. However the Church in its transformational mission is duty bound to encourage and employ the biblical metaphors of reconciliation and blessing. Religious language is meant to do something. This brings us to the question of power, which undeniably shapes our individual and social behaviour. The purpose of religious language is to use all available intellectual and intuitional means to interpret the nature of ultimate reality and to invite the human race to share in the privileges of a personal relationship with God. But religious language has also been used to justify violence.
Religions and Violence
The Cross Defines Our Relationship With Others
Mission Is Primarily Blessings The Nations
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