10 Things You Need to Know About Human Trafficking
Human Traffic
The dramatic images of women being trafficked into brothels and children trafficked into the commercial sex industry may have grabbed the world’s attention. But the true picture is more subtle, more hidden and less understood. PDF: 2.3 Mb
Introduction: Exploding the myths

10 things you need to know about human trafficking
1. Girls are trafficked into many industries besides brothels
2. Trafficking is visible; trafficking is accepted
3. Dirty jobs fuel trafficking demand
4. People smuggling is not considered human trafficking
5. Trafficking victims most often “rescue” themselves
6. Adoption is still a trafficking risk
7. As many as one in five trafficking survivors fall prey a second time
8. Boys and men are trafficked too
9. Disability is attractive to traffickers
10. There is no one “profile” of a trafficker

10 things governments can do

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