Costa Rica: Girls in domestic work
Series on Child Labour and Exploitation in Latin America and the Caribbean
Child Labour and Exploitation
With this publication, World Vision wants to make a contribution in tackling child labor by making proposals and inviting the reader to know closely the life, family, feelings, experiences and context of the children who work in 13 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. We will have close relationships with such children through a country context analysis, interviews, adult testimonies and portraits of the daily lives of working children and their families. “In Exchange for My Childhood” opens doors to the private lives of working children, urging us to commit – as organization and personally – to the transformation of our society, so that life in all its fullness may finally be a reality for every child in Latin America and the Caribbean.
“Sometimes I wish things were a little different... I feel worn out”
Interviews / Focus group
Intimate portrait
Adults’ Opinions on the Subject
Definitions and Basic Concepts
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