Global Future 2007, Number 1
Children’s health in crisis: community, national and international responses
Children’s health
The success of the first child survival revolution, in the 1980s, is saving some 6 million lives each year. But communities are still suffering from unacceptable conditions that lead to disease and death. Read World Vision's and others' perspectives in Global Future magazine. PDF: 3.70 Mb
1 Impatient for revolution
Anne Peterson
2 Global solidarity for maternal and
child health
Jens Stoltenberg
4 Closing the gap : children and the
Millennium Development Goals
Ann Veneman
6 The crisis in children’s health
Joy Phumap hi
8 Malnutrition, an underlying cause
of child mortality
Carolyn MacDonald
8 Setting children free to grow
Narantsetseg Tsevegsuren & Justin Douglass
10 The power of positive mothers
Jacqueline Lino & Gladys Ruiz
12 Communities fight TB, save children’s lives
Mary Grace Gayoso
14 Linking up for infant and maternal health
Reena Samuel & Beulah Jayakumar
17 Building child health into
HIV and AIDS programming
Jeff Dykstra & Bruce Wilkinson
18 Long walk to treatment
Martha Newsome & Anne Peterson
19 Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child
Health : the “continuum of care” approach
Francisco Songane
21 The G8: an opportunity to achieve
health care for all
Anna Marriott & Max Law son
22 World Vision health : re-focused and re-invigorated
Anne Peterson
24 Wisdom, stature and grace
Anna Grellert
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