Global Future 2008, Number 1
Improving sanitation for the world’s poor
Talking about sanitation is not 'nice'. It's a matter of life and death. Poor hygiene leads directly to diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea – which in turn kill 5 million people a year, mostly children. Read World Vision's and others' perspectives in Global Future magazine. PDF: 1.95 Mb
1 Facing up to it
Joe Muwonge
2 International Year of Sanitation, 2008
Clarissa Brocklehurst
4 Sanitation: a common cause
Belinda Calaguas
6 Re-focused on sanitation:
government priorities and aid
Malcolm Bruce
7 Sanitation for the urban poor:
a fresh look
Anna Tibaijuka
8 Sanitation and the welfare of children
Braimah Apambire
10 Integrating water, sanitation and hygiene
boosts livelihoods
A braham Asmare
12 Promoting change with Wota mo Sanitesion
John Donnelly & Gabrielle Halcrow
14 Bolivia’s water war
A ndrés Vera
16 Sanitation in emergencies
Rod Jackson
18 Promising innovations for sustainable
hygiene systems and eco-systems
Juliet Willetts & Cynthia Mitchell
19 Community-Led Total Sanitation
Petra Bongartz
21 Campaigning for change
Henry Northover
22 Farewell to “flush and forget”
Lester Brown
24 God in the garbage
Desmond Tutu
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