Global Future 2008, Number 2
Neglected emergencies: forgotten but not gone
Humanitarian Aid
The humanitarian imperative demands that no-one be left neglected in an emergency. But what happens when funding shortfalls or political or cultural pressures limit humanitarian efforts? The international community must prevent emergencies from declining into the realms of the forgotten. PDF: 2.01 Mb
1 Shining the spotlight
Denise Allen
2 Watching, but not seeing?
Ben Wisner
4 Recognising and protecting
the most vulnerable
Emina Tuda kovic & Ron Pouwels
5 A co-ordinated humanitarian response
S ada ko Ogata
6 Forgotten emergency, forgotten recovery
Sierra Leone six years later
Ian Smillie
8 Prioritising emergencies and people
within emergencies: the EC’s approach
Michèle Lebrun
9 Campaigning for Iraqi refugee children:
easing their hidden burden
Ashley Clements
10 Returning to what?
The forgotten war widows of Chechnya
Maria Nazarenko
12 Women and girls overlooked
in humanitarian emergencies
Annasta cia Olembo
14 Marginalised children need urgent protection
Vianney Dong
16 Hunger and despair in Haiti
Yad ira Pacheco
18 Silent emergencies: Indonesia’s worst nightmares
Trihad i Sapt oad i
20 Media, bias and the coverage
of international disasters
Susan Moeller
22 Fragile states and neglected emergencies
Ian Gray
24 “I will not forget you”
Omo Olupona
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