Global Future 2008, Number 3
The global food price crisis: ensuring food security for all
Food Security
This edition of Global Future examines the numerous drivers of the current crisis – not least the effects of climate change, diversion of food crops to bio-fuels, chronic under-investment in agriculture and small-scale production, unfair international trade rules and flawed development frameworks and agreements. PDF: 2.2 Mb
1 Will we bail out the hungry?
Kirsty Nowlan
2 Human security, hunger and obesity
Peter Walker
4 The child under-nutrition crisis: a new vision
Denise Costa Coitinho & Sarah Laughton
6 Food prices, food aid and cash transfers
Stephen Devereux
7 Is the global food system broken?
S teve Wiggins
8 Because food matters:
Liberia’s response to the food crisis
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
10 Learning to produce enough for
the whole community (Pakistan)
Scott Boyd
12 Promoting country-wide
food security (Nicaragua)
Jaime Tercero
14 Food prices leave more
families in crisis (Jordan)
Dana Palade
16 The climate change threat
to food security
Brett Parris
18 Moving forward:
the second generation of bio-fuels
David Coote
20 Household food security in Uganda
Joe Muwonge & Fortunate Sewank ambo
21 How not to respond to the challenge
of the global food crisis
Olivier De Schutter
22 African think tanks and policy dialogues:
time to start talking again
L ind iwe Majele Siband a
23 Small producers:
a sustainable development opportunity for all
Glayson Santos
24 An earth that nurtures and sustains all life
Agnes Abuom
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