Global Future 2009, Number 1
The global financial crisis and the poor
Global Financial Crisis
The tumultuous events in financial markets over the past year, coming on top of the global food crisis, have forced practitioners and theorists alike to fundamentally re-assess how development can be achieved in a highly integrated world. Read about the perspectives of World Vision and others in Global Future magazine. PDF: 1.8 Mb
1 More than financial
David Lansley
2 Aid in the time of financial meltdown
Roy Culpeper
4 Small fish: global crises and the
Latin American poor
Eduardo Nunes
6 Africa: to integrate or to de-link?
Simon Heliso
8 The global crisis and developing countries:
what role for the G20?
Dirk Willemte Velde
10 Families lose their main
source of income (Armenia)
Gayane Ayvazyan
12 Global crisis affecting
micro-enterprise (the Philippines)
Jonar Dorado, Jonathan Neri & Roni Oracion
14 Remittance : the past and future
for Albania’s rural families (Albania)
Bardha Prendi
16 Averting a development crisis
Rica Garde
18 Re-thinking food security
David Lansley
20 Bailing out the world’s poorest
Martin Ravallion
22 Re-building the world’s
financial architecture
S teve Keen
24 Morals and money
Ann Pettifor
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