Interview of Darrow L. Miller, author of LifeWork
Darrow Miller, author of LifeWork: A Biblical Theology for What You Do Every Day, and co-founder of Disciple Nations Alliance, is interviewed by Christian Overman for the course, "Increase Meaning: A Wholistic Approach To Christian Education."
For many, the word “church” brings to mind images of a building, or an activity that happens on Sunday morning. But the church isn’t a building. It is the Body of Christ, not only when it gathers for worship on Sunday, but twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! God has given the church a task to disciple nations—to be ambassadors of His rule and reign, bringing healing, blessing and restoration to all nations. This mission involves sharing the message of salvation through Christ, but evangelism is just the starting point. God’s mission is nothing short of the restoration of all creation. In the inspired words of Dutch statesman and educator Abraham Kuyper, if Christ truly is Creator and Lord over all, then “There is not one square inch of the entire creation about which Jesus Christ does not cry out, ‘This is mine! This belongs to me!’” But there is a problem. In the words of Os Guinness, “God has His people where He wants them. The problem is that they are not being His people where they are.” While Christians can be found in every domain of society, they often fail to function as missionaries of restoration. Rather than operating from a Biblical framework, they unintentionally function according to the worldly beliefs and values that frame the agenda for their particular area of work. Rather than discipling the nation as Christ commanded, the nations all-too-often disciple the church. For the church to faithfully fulfill this mission, it must envision, equip and empower each member of the body to function as agents of redemption and restoration in those places where they are called and deployed.

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