LifeWork Study Guide
Questions to Guide You, Chapter by Chapter
This study guide is designed to help you reflect and apply what you are reading in Lifework: A Biblical Theology For What You Do Every Day. It is designed for both individual and for small group work. We recommend that you read through the study guide questions for each chapter before you read that chapter. Sometimes there are questions that need to be answered before reading begins. If you are using the study guide in a small group setting, you could set a goal of reading and processing one chapter each week. Please take time to pray and report on the action steps from the previous week’s “to do” assignment before discussing new material. The Greek mind was interested in knowing the truth. Ancient Greeks wanted to fill the mind with knowledge, but had little interest in application of what they were learning. In contrast, the Hebrew mind was interested in both knowing the truth and in doing the truth. Today many Christians are more like Greeks than Hebrews. This study guide will encourage you to be a Hebrew. Therefore, in this study guide there are two parts to each chapter. In the section marked know you will be challenged with questions that will help you reflect on what you are reading. The section marked do will challenge you to put into practice at least one thing that you have learned during that week’s study. May God richly bless you as you process the material in LifeWork.
About This Study Guide
Chapter 1: Worldviews at Work
Chapter 2: How Did We Get Here? Dualism throughout Church History
Chapter 3: The Sacred-Secular Dichotomy: An Entire Worldview
Chapter 4: One Lord, One Realm: A Parable
Chapter 5: Coram Deo: Before the Face of God
Chapter 6: The Need for a Biblical Theology of Vocation
Chapter 7: The Essential Meta-narrative
Chapter 8: Culture: Where the Physical and the Spiritual Converge
Chapter 9: Elements of the Cultural Mandate
Chapter 10: The Fall, the Cross, and Culture
Chapter 11: The Call: Lifework
Chapter 12: The General Call: To Life
Chapter 13: The Particular Call: To Work
Chapter 14: Characteristics of our Lifework
Chapter 15: Stewardship: The Protestant Ethic
Chapter 16: The Economics of Giving: Generous Compassion
Chapter 17: The Kingdom Advances from the Inside Out
Chapter 18: The Gates of the City
Chapter 19: The Domains
Chapter 20: The Great Commandment
Chapter 21: Serving as Gatekeepers
Chapter 22: The Body of Christ: Churches without Walls
Chapter 23: Occupy Till I Come
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