LifeWork Bible Study
Understanding the Biblical Theology of What You Do Every Day
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The LifeWork Small Group Bible Study is a 12-lesson, free, downloadable Bible study booklet developed as a companion to Darrow Miller’s LifeWork: A Biblical Theology for What You Do Every Day. While it is written as a “stand alone” Bible study, participants will benefit more if they read the book. The study is designed for either individual or small group study. If you’re leading a small group through this booklet, a “Leader’s Guide” is provided near the end of this booklet. These guidelines are provided to help you enhance your group’s effectiveness.
LESSON 1: The Call to Action
LESSON 2: Coram Deo-Before the Face of God
LESSON 3: The Metanarrative-God’s Transforming Story
LESSON 4: Culture and the Cultural Mandate
LESSON 5: The End of Culture
LESSON 6: The Call
LESSON 7: The General Call-To Life
LESSON 8: The Particular Call-To Work
LESSON 9: Characteristics of our LifeWork
LESSON 10: Stewardship-The Protestant Ethic
LESSON 11: The Gates of the City
LESSON 12: The Church without Walls
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