A Biblical Worldview Needed for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS
HIV/AIDS Prevention
In this landmark paper, professor Dick Day argues that if the HIV/AIDS pandemic is to be curbed in Africa, there must be a paradigm shift as a prerequiste to behavior change. The most important behavioral change facing Africa is in the area of sexual behavior. There is a need for a shift to a Biblical worldview that sees God as the Creator and Designer of human sexuality.
AIDS: A Challenge to Human Life and Dignity
Need for a Change in Thinking
A Need for a Biblical Worldview
A Call to Awake
Learning the ABCs
A Need to Affirm God's Creative Plan for Humanity
Humans Were Meant to be Relational Beings
Humans Were Meant to be Rational/Moral Beings
Humans Were Designed to be Responsible Beings
Humans are Redeemable Beings
Humans are Reconcilable Beings
Humans are Capable of Repentance, i.e. Change of Mind
True Love Provides and Protects
God Provides Meaningful Relationships
Why God Created Sex
Human Sexuality is Unique - It is Learned
True Love Will Protect
Biblical Ecology and God's Mandates
The Author
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Posted : 2012-09-04 23:45:39 GMT
Author/Authors : Dick Day
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