The Rise, Reduction and Recovery of Kingdom Mission, 1800-2000
Kingdom Mission
An important revised and expanded edition of the late Ralph Winter's 2007 article, "The Future of Evangelicals in Mission." In this article, Winter looked back over 200 years of missions history and traced the decline and rebirth of the wholistic "Kingdom" mission championed by the Disciple Nations Alliance.
Significant prior events
Basic Concepts
The Three Eras in Brief
The First Era, 1800 to 1910
Revival, Diversity and Hostility
Secondary Impacts
Struggle, Opposition, Transformation
Creativity, Good and Not So Good
Kingdom Mission?
The Second Era, 1865 to 1980
The Gradual Reduction of Kingdom Mission
The Emergence of Church-Mission-Only
Class Divergence Sets In
Secular Events Confirm Pessimism
The Third Era, 1935 to present
Edinburgh 1980, Turning Point
Polarization Growing and Decreasing
But What Is The Gospel of The Kingdom?
Conclusion: How Far Have We Come?
How Far to Go?
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