Champions of hope: A collection of stories
Thousands of ordinary people in Africa sacrifice their meagre resources to make the world a better place in the face of HIV and AIDS. World Vision highlights the outstanding stories of these otherwise unheralded heroes and heroines. PDF: 5.91 Mb
Granny Zoe cares for 15 orphans
Making a difference in the lives of children is all that matters to Sylvia
Godfrey gives up school to care for his family
Every challenge makes Annie stronger
Taboula has a heart for children
Sumai grows from strength to strength
Dan moved from depression to leading a support group
Gaspard is committed to fight stigma
Becky rose from the brink of suicide to providing counselling
Quintin and Kristin stand strong
Muse believes in community support
Toni makes every day worth living
Emmanuel offers a channel of hope
Jeanne saves thousands of lives
Jabu takes care of the sick
Alex is determined to educate others
Patty calls on people to break silence
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