Integrating Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Interventions in Global Fund-Supported Programmes
This paper offers a guide to Global Fund-programme implementers to optimally utilise existing opportunities in Global Fund-supported country programmes to maximise MNCH outcomes. It examines each stage in the lifecycle and provides, as an annex, a menu of interventions within programmes for the three diseases to address ways in which these diseases affect MNCH outcomes, along with MNCH interventions that can be added on to disease-specific interventions of Global Fund-supported programmes. It also presents an array of linkages and actions from national health systems to community levels that, together, can effectively deliver the range of MNCH interventions within disease programmes, with particular attention to organisational “preparedness” of health systems, to enable integrated service delivery.
A. Summary
B. Purpose and Outline
C. Background and Rationale
D. Interventions to Address MNCH Outcomes Through Global Fund-supported Programmes
E. Conclusion
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