The Buses Will Wait: The Emergence and Rise of Neo-Evangelicalism
In this very helpful paper, Pastor Wayne Wager makes useful distinctions between Christian fundamentalists and their evangelical counterparts. He examines both the strengths and weaknesses of the New-Evangelical, identifying two major weakness compared with their earlier spiritual fathers. The Neo-Evangelicals were marked by anti-intellectualism and by a limited view of [w]holistic ministry, or engagement in social action. Wager concludes his paper with a call: "What I sense we need is faithfulness to those few core values that make evangelicals what they are. Living true to the teaching of Scripture, being obedient to Jesus Christ, a brave engagement with the world as it is, and a continuing to pray for the genuine conversion of people."
Who are we as Evangelicals?
The Third Great Awakening
The Boston Revival
Taking Issue with Fundamentalism
The Weaknesses of Neo-Evangelicalism
Social Action
Compassion International
World Vision
The Future of Social Action
Intellectual Vigor
Neo-Evangelicalism — A Concluding Assessment
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Author/Authors : Wayne Wager
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