Message to the Church in Ibero America
A COMIBAM Congress Plenary
Article from the April 2007 WEA Connections Magazine.
To look back over two decades of sowing and reaping in the Muslim world in an attempt to extract some lessons for the future of cross-cultural missions from Ibero America is not easy for me. I have always been more inclined to concentrate on the challenges of the present and future, rather than remembering the successes and failures of the past. However, since our Father is so committed to extending to all peoples the awesome blessings He promised to His friend Abraham (of justification by faith and reception of His Holy Spirit ), we must apply our best powers of reflection to try and give our beloved Redeemer all the satisfaction He deserves. I trust that this is the objective of this COMIBAM conference…
1. “Christo-humanism”
2. Theology of results
3. Narcissistic activism
4. Evangelical Zionism
5. Partisan arrogance
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