Whatever happened to all the men?
Reflections on gender imbalance in East Asian churches
Article from the November 2007 WEA Connections Magazine.
For a long time, the gender imbalance of the East Asian churches has been a matter of some concern. Mission leaders used to write to mobilisers telling them to stop recruiting single ladies as if it were their fault that the men were not being reached, as if we should stop reaching Asian women for Christ to solve this serious problem. Gender imbalance in its extreme form in East Asian churches causes suffering for Christian women. How is support being provided? It also challenges the way both missionaries and local believers have sought to reach men, the theological and missiological principles that define the way we work. This article is a plea for new biblical strategies that might, under God, improve the situation…
Gender imbalance in the church – a problem encountered in East Asia
Questions needing research about support networks for Christian women
Questions about the Christian failure to reach East Asian men
1. The nature of our gospel
2. Church culture
3. Penetration of male society
4. The role of women in the problem
5. The focus of our ministry
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