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Bible study reflection on Luke 10:38-42 on Hospitality
Article from the November 2007 WEA Connections Magazine.
Hospitality is a cultural issue in many societies. In Africa, for example in Uganda, there are many proverbs and stories that have been composed regarding hospitality. Ugandans believe that for any relationship to be strong, food must be served. Leaving someone’s home without eating is very painful. Among the Samia of Uganda there is the proverb “olwiho luba munda”, which is literally translated, “Relationship is in the stomach.” In Luganda a tribe in central Uganda, the proverb is “olugenda enjala teruda”, which means, “If a visitor leaves your home hungry he or she will never come back.” This suggests that eating is a very integral part of hospitality in Uganda. Because of the importance of hospitality, emphasis is put on making sure things are done as culture demands. The focus of hospitality however, is directed towards meeting the needs of the guest…
The duty of listening in hospitality
Setting clear priorities
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