Martin Bucer: Moderator of the Reformation
Martin Bucer and the Reformation
10 page long text on Martin Bucer that gives a brief resume of the importance of the theology and role of Martin Bucer in the context of the reformation
1. Knowing where one stands with Bucer
2. Refereeing between Lutherans and Zwinglians
3. Bucer gains the fear but respect of Rome
4. Bucer’s part in the Eucharist controversy
5. Bucer and the doctrines of grace
6. Bucer’s name has a greater right than Calvin’s to be associated with the doctrines of grace
7. The same truth but different attitudes to peace
8. Calvinism injuriously so called
9. An invitation to join Cranmer’s international team of Reformers
10. The Lord alone rules and disposes
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