Henry Bullinger: Shepherd of the Churches
Henry Bullinger and the Reformation
18 page long text on Henry Bullinger that gives a brief resume of the importance of the theology and role of Henry Bullinger in the context of the reformation
Part I
1. The making of a Reformer
2. Bullinger’s importance
for the English Reformation
3. Singing for his supper
4. Finding the truth it is in Jesus
5. The Reformation in Kappel and Bremgarten
6. Anna Adischwyler
7. Father and Son together in the faith
8. The Reformation receives a setback

Part II
1. Consolidating and Protecting the Church
2. Initial Problems in Zürich
3. Bullinger the Educationalist
4. Preaching ‚outside of the temple‘
5. The Second Helvitic Confession
6. Over fifty years of earthly ministry ended
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