Biblical Principles in the Public Square
Theological Foundations for Christian Civic Participation
Christian Civic Participation
25 page long text describing the author’s perspective about the Biblical principles that should guide the involvement of Christians in the public square and the theological foundation for civic participation.
1. People generally know more about right and wrong than they will initially admit to knowing
2. There is harmony between the content of God’s special revelation and God’s general revelation
3. We should distinguish among the different uses of God’s moral law
4. There is compatibility and difference among the different types of righteousness
5. Both common grace and special grace are truly grace
6. Christians are called to be servants of both special grace and common grace
7. The articulation of humane moral values and principles in the public square is a means of serving God’s common grace
8. The rich complexity in God’s revelation of the moral law provides and enables a wide range of methods of presenting the moral law in society
9. The same moral law which restrains sin also convicts of sin and points our neighbors to the gospel
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