In the Shadow of the Cross
A Biblical Theology of Persecution and Discipleship
Christian Life - Discipleship and Persecution
Join Glenn Penner as he explores suffering and persecution through the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Throughout the Scripture, the trials and persecutions of those who chose to live godly are revealed. From Cain to the prophets, from John the Baptist to the disciples, the world has always rejected (the) Truth. Included are observations and studies from nearly 200 Christian scholars, both ancient and modern. Never before has such an intensive study of persecution in the Bible been assembled. (315 pages)
1. Old Testament perspective
2. The revelation of God in Christ
3. Acts of the Apostles: Proclamation and persecution
4. Teaching of the Apostles
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Posted : 2012-04-14 18:14:06 GMT
Author/Authors : Glenn M. Penner
Publishers : Living Sacrifice Books
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Publication Date : 2004-01-02