Working Your Way to the Nations
A Guide to Effective Tentmaking
Tentmaking is a subject of strategic importance to world evangelisation. The concept is biblical, historical precedents abound, and today’s missionary context demands it. This book will fill a gap in the area since it provides a set of essays on effective tentmaking by experienced and knowledgeable missions specialists from around the world. Its concerns are practical but what makes this book doubly useful is the fact that it is designed as a study text either for individual or group use. Anyone contemplating the tentmaking role would be well advised to check out this book. Edited by Jonathan Lewis, Wm Carey Library, 1993, 193pp
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Posted : 2012-04-16 07:21:31 GMT
Author/Authors : Jonathan Paul Lewis
Publishers : William Carey Library
ISBN Number : 978-0830819058

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Publication Date : 1993
Revision Date : 1997