The WEA overarching goal is to extend the influence of the Kingdom of God. We aim to deliver clear roadmaps and strategies that will guide and equip grass root organizations, churches and national leaders to strategically and effectively confront the major issues facing their communities today.

Coming from an understanding that marketplace leaders have a huge potential to serve the Kingdom of God, the vision of the WEA Strategic Business Initiative is to leverage their influence nationally and globally. The SBI is uniquely positioned to ‘join the dots’ of the many regional and national marketplace ministries in order to catalyze greater leverage and impact within the evangelical community and thereby transform societies. Many existing organizations are doing a great work and our unique position is to provide a global platform for collaboration and cross-pollination of innovative ideas.

Leveraging Current Initiatives

The WEA Strategic Business Initiative will build a network of networks and connect leaders of marketplace organizations who understand that by collaborating they can have greater impact for Gods Kingdom. We currently work with the Global Generosity Network, Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization, Christian Business Connection, Global Kingdom Business Network, The Gathering, Unashamedly Ethical and Business As Mission among others.

Business people hold strategic keys to effectively addressing major global issues. The Business as Mission (BAM) Think Tank for example has focused on business solutions to human trafficking, corruption, creation care and other issues. By affirming, equipping and deploying business people and other marketplace leaders, to thrive in their calling and to apply their gifts in business we have seen many breakthroughs in these issues.

That said, most of this work to date has been on local levels and there is a need to scale up some of these initiatives worldwide. On a global level the WEA has already been involved in two issues that seem to be of common concern to most marketplace organizations:

In the field of “Ethical business – fighting corruption”, the Micah Challenge has collaborated closely with Unashamedly Ethical. And in the theme of “Generous Living & Generous Giving” the WEA has supported the Global Generosity Network.

In both topics we believe that by building a global network the WEA Strategic Business Initiative has a huge potential to leverage the impact of existing organizations and the church in its desire to contribute to a better world.

The foundational work of building new relationships, mapping the current business ministries and creating a data-base of networks and leaders will be serving and equipping the WEA and the whole evangelical community.

Strategic Nation Building - A new challenge for the WEA

Through individuals and organizations the WEA has been closely involved in the birthing of the young nation of South Sudan. But we were not prepared to foster the development of civil society and a sound economic basis. Evangelical leaders have now invited the WEA to look into the possibility for marketplace organizations to get strategically involved.

The WEA Strategic Business Initiative is predestined to take on a coordinative role in this and will look into the opportunity. This pilot project on building economic capacity in South Sudan will build know-how and experience for other fields where the WEA has been asked to serve evangelical Christians build an economic future, e.g. in the Middle East.