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Introduction by Geoff Tunnicliffe

Sudan is just two months away from a referendum that could propel the country back into civil war.

A fragile peace, signed into being five years ago under the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, is on the brink of unraveling, with preparations for the vote on January 9 still behind schedule and foreign governments slow to fulfil their promises of assistance.

Yet the world – even Christians – seem to have little realisation of the enormous potential for renewed violence and bloodshed, not to mention a major humanitarian crisis.

If the South votes to secede, the North has indicated that it will not only become an Islamic state; it will not help Christians to leave the country safely.

Churches in Sudan have shouldered a large part of the burden in readying people for the referendum and pushing it high on the agenda of the international community, but the tangible support of the global body of Christ would be a great comfort to them in this uncertain time.

There are several things that Christians outside Sudan can do. They can get informed about the situation and contact their own governments to ask that they do everything they can to ensure that the referendum is peaceful, fair and its outcome accepted.

They can pray for a successful outcome and they can financially support the aid agencies that will respond to the needs of the expected influx of refugees from the North as well as the long-term reconstruction of the South. The World Evangelical Alliance has established a "Hope for Sudan" fund to assist in the coordination of Christian response to this critical situation.

The World Evangelical Alliance at the request of the Sudan Council of Churches is also responding in other strategic ways to the upcoming referendum. Please click here for further details. Also, it is important to note that the WEA is not speaking to a specific outcome of the referendum. Click here to read the WEA position on the referendum.

It is our prayer for Sudan is that in the end the grace of God would be so poured out in Sudan that the referendum would be a beacon to the world of what God can do.



Dr. Geoff Tunnicliffe
CEO/Secretary General
World Evangelical Alliance

The World Evangelical Alliance has pledged action to ensure that the referendum taking place on Southern Sudan's future next January is a success.
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