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Prayer Requests

Announcing a season of Prayer for Sudan with specific requests following

“When God want to do something great, He raises up His people to pray”. There are many prayer movements for Sudan in this season from 1 December 2010 to 9 January 2011. Various high profile prayer actions are being mobilized right now.

SIM Prayer for Sudanese

The testimony of Sudanese Christians is one of the strongest ways the Gospel is spread. Pray that their hearts will be filled with faith. Pray for the missionaries and expatriate Christian NGO workers that their witness will be clear and relevant.

SIM Prayer Focus

Their churches are wrestling with major issues like poverty and lack of trained leadership. The believers need to know God’s word and how to apply it. Many in the South who claim to be Christians but do not live out the fruits of the Spirit, which continues to tarnish the witness of the church.

SIM Prayer Requests for Sudan

Pray against anger, retaliation and drowning sorrows with beer. Pray for the churches in South Sudan. The church is respected in many places in South Sudan, but it is weak and small.  The church had a prophetic voice during the war-the one institution that did not break down—but pray that the Lord might use God’s people mightily.

The World Evangelical Alliance has pledged action to ensure that the referendum taking place on Southern Sudan's future next January is a success.
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