TC ERT Oct 1998 Vol 22 No 4


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  • Articles
    • The Biblical Shape of Modern Culture by E.A. Judge
    • Culture and Revelation by Allan Harman
    • Christ and Culture by Paul G. Schrotenboer
    • Christian Morality in a Pluralistic Society by Darrell Cosden
    • Cyber-Theology: Doing Theology with a Personal Computer by David Parker
    • Indian Spirituality: In Search of Truth and Reality by Kathleen Nichols
  • Book Reviews
    • Bruce D. Winter and Andrew D. Clarke, The Book of Acts in its First Century Setting Vol 1 (Eerdmans/Paternoster) reviewed by Norman T. Barker
    • Andrew F. Wall, The Missionary Movement in Christian History (T & T Clark) reviewed by Howard Peskett
    • Robert E. Webber, Blended Worship: Achieving Substance and Relevance in Worship (Hendrikson) reviewed by David Parker
    • Stuart Murray, Church Planting: Laying Foundations (Paternoster) reviewed by David Parker
    • Peter Hocken, Streams of Revewal: the Origins and Early Development of the Charistmatic Movement in Great Britain (Paternoster) reviewed by David Parker