TC ERT Jul 1999 Vol 23 No 3


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  • Articles
    • The Doctrine of Salvation , by Molly Truman Marshall
    • The Comprehensive Nature of Salvation in Biblical Perspective , by Marvin E. Tate
    • The Radical Modernizing of the Christian Doctrine of Reconciliation , by Rolf Hille
    • Salvation in an African Perspective , by Henry J. Mugabe
    • Thinking Theologically about Evangelism , by J. Keir Howard
    • The Lord's Firestorms , by Stuart Piggin
    • The Mystery of Salvation , by Trevor Hart
  • Book Reviews
    • Biblical Interpretation: an integrated approach , by W. Randolph Tate (Hendrickson, 1997), reviewed by Stephen Raison
    • Answering Islam: the Crescent in the Light of the Cross , by Norman L. Geisler and Abduf Saleeb, (Baker, 1993), reviewed by Morris A. Lee.
    • Revisioning Evangelical Theology , by Stanley J. Grenz, (InterVarsity, 1993) reviewed by the Editor.
    • Darwin on Trial by Phillip E. Johnson (Monarch Books, 1994), reviewed by Gregory A. Restall
    • Let the Nations be Glad! The Supremacy of God in Missions , by John Piper (Baker, 1993), reviewed by Patrick Godman.