TC ERT Oct 1999 Vol 23 No 4


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  • Articles
    • Editorial: The Third Millennium
    • The Coming of the New Millennium: A Study in Evangelical Misunderstanding by Dr Richard V. Pierard
    • Ebb and Flow of Hope: Christian Theology at the End of the Second Millennium by John Macquarrie
    • Christianity Facing a Third Era and a Third Millennium by James Veitch
    • Paradigm Shifts and Trends in Missions Training by Stephen T. Hoke
    • The Biblical Jubilee by Leonardo De Chirico
    • A New Immortality? by Brian Edgar
  • Book Reviews
    • Consulting The Faithful: What Christian Intellectuals Can Learn From Popular Religion by Richard J. Mouw Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1994 ISBN 0 8028 0738 0 reviewed by David Parker
    • The New Millennium Manual: A Once and Future Guide by Robert G. Clouse, Robert N. Hosack and Richard V. Pierard Michigan: Baker Books, 1999 (A Bridgepoint Book) ISBN 0-8010-5848-1 reviewed by David Parker
    • Constructive Christian Theology in the Worldwide Church edited by William R. Barr Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1997 ISBN 0802841430 reviewed by Erich Geldbach
    • Missions in the 21st Century: Getting Your Church into the Game by Tom Telford with Lois Shaw. Wheaton: Harold Shaw Publishers,1998 171 pp. ISBN 0877885788 reviewed by Tom Seller