TC ERT Jul 2000 Vol 24 No 3


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  • Articles
    • The Importance of the Iguassu Missiological Consultation by James Stamoolis
    • Iguassu Affirmation¬†, WEA Missions Commission Consultation, October, 1999
    • Christ and the Mosaic of Pluralisms; Challenges to Evangelical Missiology in the 21st Century by Chris Wright
    • Spiritual Warfare and Worldview by Paul G. Hiebert
    • The Christian Stake in the Arts: Toward a Missiology of Western Culture by Laurel Gasque
  • Book Reviews
    • What is Mission? Theological Explorations by J. Andrew Kirk, reviewed by John Roxborogh
    • The Common Task: A Theology of Christian Mission and Relating to People of Other Religions by M. Thomas Thangaraj, reviewed by Herny Rowold
    • Die Apostelstrasse: Eine aussergew√∂hnliche Vision und ihr Verwirklichung by Andreas Baumann, reviewed by Richard V. Pierard
    • Reenvisioning Theological Education: Exploring a Missional Alternative to Current Models by Robert Banks, reviewed by Robert Ferris
    • Make the Old Testament Live, From Curriculum to Classroom edited by Richard S. Hess and Gordon J. Wenham, reviewed by Tim Meadowcroft
    • Faith and Reason: searching for a rational faith by Ronald H. Nash, reviewed by Greg Restall