TC ERT Jan 2001 Vol 25 No 1


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  • Articles
    • Editorial
    • The Amsterdam Declaration - A Charter for Evangelism in the 21st Century
    • A Covenant for Evangelists
    • The Content of the Gospel by James I. Packer
    • The Evangelist's Message is Bible-based by John Stott
    • The Evangelist Works with the Local Church by Paul Negrut
    • Transcultural Theology and Contextualisation by Richard Howell
    • Religious Pluralism and Dialogue in Evangelism: Evangelism and Human Rights by Elaine Storkey
    • Fourth Japan Congress on Evangelism Declaration: The Church Responsible for Evangelizing 21st Century Japan, Living Together in the Gospel of Reconciliation
    • The Preaching Of The Cross Today by Dr Klaas Runia
    • 'Teaching Them to Observe All that I Have Commanded You' The History of the Interpretation of the 'Great Commission' and Implications for Marketplace Ministries by John Jefferson Davis
    • Models of the Church by Kevin Giles
  • Book Reviews
    • A Theological Introduction to the Old Testament by Bruce C. Birch, Walter Brueggemann, Terence E. Fretheim, and David L. Petersen reviewed by John Olley
    • Gospel and Mission in the Writings of Paul, An Exegetical and Theological Analysis by P T. O'Brien reviewed by John Roxborogh
    • Toward the Future of Reformed Theology: Task, Topics, Traditions by David Willis and Michael Welker (eds) reviewed by John Jefferson Davis
    • Our Father in Heaven: Christian Faith and Inclusive Language for God by John W. Cooper reviewed by James R. Rohrer
    • The Wisdom Literature (Interpreting Biblical Texts series) by Richard J. Clifford reviewed by Tim Meadowcroft
    • A History of the Ecumenical Movement in Africa, 1900-1998 by James Amanze reviewed by Fidelis Nkomazana
    • Worship Old and New (Revised Edition) by Robert Webber reviewed by David Parker