TC ERT Apr 2001 Vol 25 No 2


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  • Articles
    • Editorial
    • ICETE: Vision to be Embraced by Dieumeme Nöelliste
    • Spiritual Formation by Adriaan Stringer
    • Transition From Modernity to Post-Modernity: A Theological Evaluation by Rolf Hille
    • Reflections on Modernity and Post-Modernity for Theological Education by Rolf Hille
    • 'The Most Moved Mover': Abraham Heschel's Theology of Divine Pathos by Dennis Ngien
    • A Survey of the Theology of Work by Charles A. Metteer
    • Jesus and the Victory of Culture by Olu E Alana
    • Christian Missions and the Development of Higher Education in East Africa 1920-1960 by Robert K. Lang'at
  • Book Reviews
    • Fredrick C. Holmgren, The Old Testament and the Significance of Jesus: Embracing Change - Maintaining a Christian Identity and George A. F. Knight, Christ the Center reviewed by Henry Rowold
    • William W. Menzies and Robert P. Menzies, Spirit and Power: Foundations of Pentecostal Experience reviewed by David Parker
    • Robert D Linder, The Long Tragedy: Australian Evangelical Christians and the Great War 1914-1918 reviewed by Ken R Manley